If it exists any new firmware update?

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVD8631. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi to everyone in this forum topic! :flower:
Briefly that’s my story: I’m one of those unlike guys that have the bloody Philips DVD8631!
I have this burner because it was shipped to me by Hp when I first bought my xw6200 workstation.

Now, the hp help and support web page time ago posted a major firmware update version called JB15, see the link at the end of my thread. They fixed many media compatibility issues and others some minor problems but unfortunately, the burner is still unable to properly burn the latest DVD+R DL disks.

Does anyone have never had a problem like the one I’m describing right now?
I mean, it exists a guy in all over the world that have never successfully burned a DVD+R DL with the Philips DVD8631?

Thanks in advantage for any help.
Stefano. :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all, drives such as the Philips DVD8631, which is based on the BenQ DW1620, are older 16x drives that do not have firmware support for as many kinds of DL media as newer 18x, 20x, and 22x drives do.

In addition, Philips (and BenQ) drives that are based on a chipset called Nexperia, generally only burn DL media well that is made by the Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation, which is found under the Verbatim brand in most parts of the world. All other brands and types of DL media generally do NOT burn well or at all in these drives (that would include the Philips DVD8601, DVD8631, DVD8651, DVD8701, DVD8801, and DVD8851).

So, unless you are using a newer drive and/or Verbatim DL media, you’re going to have problems.

Hi mate believe me I tried with the Verbatim 8x too. No luck indeed…
I think you underestimated my thread. It’s come belong a really long story.
Have a look some of my past threads:


No I think you’re pointing in the wrong direction!
Bye and thanks the same.
Stefano. :rolleyes:

Try to get your hands on Arita 2.4x dual layer media they work flawless on my BenQ 1625 and 1650.

Hi cobrar22,
now you’re pointing me in the right track, thanks :bow:

Try to get your hands on Arita 2.4x dual layer media

I have never see their around.
Could you post to me a web link where to buy some of those media?

Thanks a lot,


or here you can buy printable ones.


They work perfect on my benqs & they are cheap. :wink:

But if you have Verbatim DL discs you should be able to burn them.
Have you tried the latest BenQ DW1620 firmware ? you can flash it easy to your Philips DVD8631 drive with Bqflasher.

Hi mate and thanks,
are you sure that I can do that? How should I proceed?




and get the lastest BenQ DW1620 firmware (B7W9) from the dangerous brothers website here :


Don’t interrupt the flashing process leave it alone until it says flashing succesfully…

Hi cobrar22 I’ll the truth, I’m bit scared about the fact to flash my device.
Because, I friend of mine has did that and he lose his burner for ever.
I mean, if something doesn’t go in the right…

Have you never did that before? Is there something more that should look after other than read the sites you posted to me?

Many thanks again for your help.

Have you tried only the 8x Verbatim DL ? or also the 2.4x Verbatim DL media ? if you haven’t tried the 2.4x then flashing is not (yet) needed
first try the 2.4x Verbatim if the 2.4x Verbatim don’t work then or something is wrong with you device then only a few option are left that is trying the latest BenQ firmware or the Arita 2.4x DL discs.

Hi mate,
no, I have not jet tested how the device works with a 2.4x DL.
It’s quite hard to find those kinds of media where I’m living.
I always prefer to proceed step by step. I mean there is no rush at all and I do agree with you that the flashing procedure must be the really last solution.

So, I’ll buy 2.4x DL by internet and I’ll see what happen with them…but I’m pretty confident that they will do the job!

I’m more than thank to you for your help. You gave to me a mighty help!