If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Over the weekend I have discovered that if something is working properly don’t try to “fix” it. I downloaded suggested programs I kept reading about, people saying try this, try that, this is becoming obsolete so switch to that, etc. I read to replace DVDDecrypter with ImgBurn, I read how we need to give DVDFab a try, among other things through all the reading I’ve been doing. Well, I have found that all the stuff I was using to begin with worked! After installing and trying other things I started getting errors and ended up with a few coasters. So, I’ve gone back to doing what works for me. Which was ripping with DVDDecrypter, reuathoring with DVDShrink and having DVD43 running in the background, and then burning with DVDDecrypter. I have found that not only do I not need all those other suggested programs, but that they caused me a headache. So my message here is, if something is working for you, don’t try to change it. :wink:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

This is always a good rule. Experimenting with new stuff is also a good thing, but go to latest stuff only because is “latest” is not always correct.

Usually if I want to try something new I create an image of my system with acronis true image, and then I do all experimenting I want. If something goes bad, then I return to my original functioning system in 5 min :slight_smile:

If you don’t try different things then you can’t get your Freak On :bigsmile:

Rule 1 If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. :iagree:

Rule 2 always lissen to your Mother :iagree:

Nero 7 is a good one - I paid for and Installed said rubbish. Took 30 minutes at 16x to burn a full 4.3 - and it was unreadable. After checking DMA ASPI etc… I rolled back to Nero 6 - No Probs!

I enjoyed all of your replies! Thanks guys! Also thanks for the tips too! :slight_smile: