200 N. Kimball Ave. Suite 221
Southlake, TX 76092

The manager there is really rude just like the cashiers. I had 2 bad experiences.
The same manager but different cashiers.
Today I took the $10 coupon I found at this site. The manager refused to honor it.
Before that when I asked the cashier for $3 off for my empty cartridge and gave her the $10 coupon she got really angry and SNATCHED the $10 coupon from my hand.
She said she cannot honor the $10 coupon as I was also getting $3 off for my cartridge and that $3 she said was a coupon.???(what an idiot) :a
Then the manager would not honor the coupon even though the expiry date is april 30. He continually argued with me for nothing.

This was second time this manager aged about 35 was rude.
This guy should be fired.
No wonder the cashiers are rude too. And even other store workers are rude also. :a
I just walked off the store without buying anything.

Sorry to hear of your bad experience. :frowning: I’ve used four of the $10 off $40 coupons so far, and have 2 left. I should have printed more…

You should spend 10-15 minutes writing a letter to their corporate office. Actually send them something in the postal mail–not email. If anyone can do anything, it will be the coroporate office. Heck, explain the situation and that you won’t be shopping at that store anymore. They might send you a gift card or something.

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May I recommend you this site:


Post your complaint there along with the million other complaints :slight_smile:

did they tell you why they are not accepting the $10 coupon?? I know they only accept one coupon per transaction and since you have $3 ink cartdridge coupon also. They shouldn’t be rejecting the $10 coupon since it is a valid coupon without any restriction except you have to spend at least $40 worth of items. You should have got down the name of the manager and the cashier and report their @$$$$ to the corporate

The manager said the coupon must be from a web site other then staples and so it was not valid. :a He had no proof and his reasoning does not make sense. He also said he accepts coupons from staples only. It is the coupon I had printed off from here on cdfreaks that someone posted the link to.
I know after my first encounter with this manager that he likes to harass customers and will INVENT an EXCUSE for that.
The cashier said I couldn’t use the 3$ off for cartridge and the 10$ coupon off 40$ purchase at the same time. :a I had more then 40$ worth of items.

"I know after my first encounter with this manager that he likes to harass customers and will INVENT an EXCUSE for that."
let me say that harass may be the wrong choice of words. May be the right choice is unfairly and that is the impression I got during my first bad experience with him. He may treat other customers fairly - I don’t know. But he didn’t treat me both times fairly. I left with a bitter taste in my mouth and that manager just didn’t care. While his employees were just staring at me as I left the store empty handed. While I was driving off, one of the employees came out of the store to pick off the empty carts and just stared at me continuously. Very rude.

Definitely report the bassturd to corporate or regional!!! I would emphasize the harassing and rudeness. He is bullying you as a customer too!!!

They should fire his arse.

Do this in a letter. And follow it up with phone calls!!!

“Definitely report the bassturd to corporate or regional!!! I would emphasize the harassing and rudeness. He is bullying you as a customer too!!!”

While your at it why don’t you just get George Bush involved, he has alot of influence in Texas, maybe he give them the electric chair. On a more serious note, Staples is like any other chain you find good ones and bad ones, I have two within 3 miles of my home and I find one to be very accomodating and the other horrid.

I just won’t shop at that store anymore.

can you post the coupon?

first off the $3 for the ink cartridge IS a coupon. you cannot use 2 coupons in the same transaction. some stores are more lenient, but overall that is the policy.

i’m not sure wha t$10 coupon you’re referring to, but I recall one that was a single use coupon that everyone and their brother was using and the managers sometimes caved and honored it and sometimes didn’t. if it’s a one time use coupon you should not be surprised if it was not honored. There was also a coupon that was good for only a specific store in new jersey. if you used that one and did not use it at that store in new jersey then you should not be surprised they did not accept it.

if you had a valid $10 coupon then they should have taken the $10 off instead of the $3 (one coupon per transaction)

Musiclover11, report that manager so other shoppers wont suffer like you in the future. If you stop shopping there does not hurt their business unless you boycott in the parking lot. But of course I am not asking you to boycott, but spend a little time to write a complaint to the corp. office.

Customer Service is DEAD…face it…shop online. :slight_smile: