If i want to use colored lightscribe in the future, will i have to buy a new burner?

or i just have to change the media, anyone knows?

What do you mean? Yes you need new dvd’s that specifically says lgihtscribe. The best ones are probably Verbatim atm get the 30x cd and dvd+ or - R 16x

“Coloured LS” - never seen such…

You should be able to use your current LightScribe burner to burn the recently announced LightScribe 1.2 media with multi-colour backgrounds, but you might have to update your LightScribe host software.

See press release [Adobe PDF format].

There have been rumours and speculation about true multi-coloured LightScribe at sometime in the future, but so far I think it’s merely conjecture. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

thanks for the info. mostly i dont need a new burner but update firmware can do this right?