If i use MITSUMI CR-48X9TE 1.0F to copy Fifa2003 in Clone CD, it'll work?

This is my first post, and before asking i read some other topics/posts.
I saw that new fifa 2003 is protected with safedisc 2.80.010, and there is no UNsafedisc for this version at moment (isn’t it?).

So i read about the profiles for Clone CD 4. If i use one of them in my MITSUMI CR-48X9TE 1.0F, can i get a working copy of Fifa 2003?

Thanks for any help!

Use the SafeDisc 2.51 (i believe that is the latest profile for safedisc on clonecd) profile. And try it out. You can only learn by experimenting. So go and try it, then if u have a problem. Someone can help u.:cool:

…as advised by elite_forces, just try. You should also take a look at this, too :wink:

i’ve tryed but it didn’t work.

I used that Safedisc profile, but…

Now i got a crack. It’s allright then!