If I liked Evanescence: Fallen, what else will I like?

Evanescence: Fallen was the first metal album I bought…and I really enjoyed it. So I thought I’d ask you guys for some suggestions, being the music addicts that you are :iagree:

If I liked this music, what other type of music will I like? I prefer it if…

[li]The vocalist is female
[/li][li]The song types are “dark” like Fallen, but not dark as in satanic. So it might sing about hate, despair or anger. Not how to do a satanic ritual on yourself or your neighbour :eek:
[/li][li]There is preferably an official website I can go to, so I can listen to audio samples to see if I like them.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

-Kylie Minogue

these are not “Metal” but more downtempo/trip-hop/electronica but excellent choices (IMHO) given your other preferences listed above…

Massive Attack
Everything But The Girl
Rabbit in the Moon
Zero 7
Radiohead (non-female vocalist)

blah just go to www.digitallyimported.com and find out what your soul craves

Within Temptation - The Silent Force

Nightwish - One

Download the song Nemo and you should like that.

Thanks guys. I liked Nightwish and Within Temptation. Nightwish especially! :iagree: I’ll get the albums when I have the time… :slight_smile:

Nightwish, Ram-Zet (though, Ram-Zet are a little more aggressive)

http://www.gothmetal.net/ you might like that site.

Nightwish Forever Yours…great song!!!

I really liked that Album, played it so many times when it came out - after what seems near 50 plays, I felt it was a little too compressed :slight_smile:

Still, a superb bald style song by Evanescence is Breathe No More, part of the soundtrack for Elektra. Her vocal’s on that are outstanding, and the song is great too. Also, Avril Lavigne has a mix of hard-hitting rock tracks and ballads - might want to try to catch her two albums.

Hmm, I thought Evanescence only has one album out, “Fallen”. Where can I buy the other album with Breathe No More in it?

I’ve listened to Avril until I’m sick of it :Z

She was how I graduated to harder rock after I realised I preferred her heavy drum/electric guitar songs to her tamer songs.

Well looks like you have already had pretty good advice in my opinion, Night Wish :slight_smile:

A bit of a random thought, but you might like The Phantom of the Opera (musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber) the new recording, as i prefer the phantoms voice in it, but its one of those odd bits of music that I like.

Welcome to our world :slight_smile:

I could start a whole story why you should not listen to either Within temptation or Evanescence, but I think I’ll just let that be.

Let me comment on Nightwish first. Nightwish has been around for about 8 years now. They released quite a few albums since then and there are huge differences between them. The latest two albums, Century child and Once are somewhat more commercial albums. In my opinion, they are good, but nowhere getting close to what they managed to do a few years back. You really should listen to their older albums, esp. Oceanborn. If you find that this genre of music is to your taste, Oceanborn will something you want to take with you in your grave. Actually, one song of Oceanborn will be played on my funeral (the funeral itsself isn’t planned yet btw :p).

Of course, there are a few more bands that you might like. Let me restrict myself to the metal genre, esp powermetal, goth metal and all the epic styles (as they are somewhat related). Bands you could check out and most probably will like are Lacuna coil, The gathering, Epica (they kind of suck, but seem popular at the same time), Edguy, Avantasia, Ayreon, After forever, Anathema, Ayreon, Star one, Therion, Luca Turilli, Rhapsody, Kamelot, Sonata arctica, Stratovarious, etc etc… It’s not all like Evanescence, but it’s quite typical that ppl that like Evanscence thend to like these bands as well.

Tell us if you need to know more. There are quite a few nice metalleirs on the board so you’ll be just fine :slight_smile:

Thanks Dee-ehn. I’m curious for the story as to why I shouldn’t listen to Within Temptation or Evanescence. Do tell…

I tend to prefer dark songs with female vocalists ;). That way it feels like they’re corrupting you :cool:

I checked out the link theone1_ provided (www.gothmetal.net) and I think Macbeth’s vocalist is pretty hot…so I will need to try them as well as Nightwish when I get the chance.

Yeah, it will take a while for me to try even some of the suggestions you guys gave! :smiley:

Once I’ve tried them I’ll get back to you guys and let you know which one I liked…

I just headed over to the official Ram-Zet site (heard they had a makeover) and there are samples for their new album. I must say, as the black metaller I am, I don’t like it too much; it sounds too “opera-ic”, but still wicked. But I thought you might like it :slight_smile:

There is a male singer as well as a female. So depending on how much you wanna lean towards a female singer, here is a sample:

To put it in one short sentence: they are fake. Both bands were set up by record companies to produce what they think to be “goth metal for everybody”. If you really get into this music (and listen to the lyrics and get to know loads of bands), you’ll see the difference between these commercial bands and the less and non commercial ones.

Besides that all, the life performance of both WT and Evanescence really sucks. Okay, there are also some non-commercial bands that suck when playing live, but there’s just such a difference. Both ladies (Sharon den Adel and Amy Lee) better’d shut up and be pretty :slight_smile:

Evanecence had a cd called Origin before Fallen, From what I understand the cd had a very limited release, of several thousand copies if that. I have heard that it was rereleased but cannot say for sure. It is a very good CD :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I just clicked on the link at the bottom of the page and Origin is for sale at Amazon so I guess it was rereleased

exelent taste bro! You just named all my favorite albums… :bow:

thanks Marsz…seems like this isn’t the type of music these guys are interested in though…oh well, their loss :wink:

Well…perhaps you should checkout this . I don’t know the band myself, but they were recommended to me, and they sound quite interesting. Don’t know much about their lyrics, though.