If I keep playing Region 2 PAL dvd's movies on my LH-20A1S whats going to happen?



I got a OEM version of the burner from newegg and I live here in Ohio.
I thought I heard a while ago that after about 5 or 6 times you play a DVD from from any region it locks the region in for good. I know you can reset that with software or something like that.

Sorry my title is a little misleading I didn’t get the dvd’s yet.
What I want to know before I order these dvds from the UK that if the above is true. If ture how do I get my lite on to play NTSC region 1 dvds again ? Do I just reflash my firmware ?

Also will those dvds play fine on the my pc ? I know they won’t work with my dvd player even if it did the TV is a NTSC and wouldn’t display the picture but thats fine at long as it works fine on my pc.