If i buy a burner internal all i need is a externl case to use with usb?

i have been looking to buy a new burner and have narrowed it down to dvd 111d or a lg. i was gonna get the dw155 but out of my four choices two people said to go with the dvr 111 so i guess that might be it. but anways my question now is i was gonna buy off ebay but everyone is saying no. so ima go with newegg or merit but if i buy a internal i just get a case and it will work as a usb right???

Well, sadly it’s not so easy.
Depending both on the enclosure and on the burner, you could face performance problems, e.g.

[li] burner not working at all
[/li][li] burner not able to reach 16x or even 12x due to poor USB2 performance (low burst rate)

There is a huge thread called [B]The big external enclosures thread[/B] about that, and other threads that you can find with a search (e.g. searching “external enclosures” in titles only):


Hope this helps,


thanks for answering me eltran. k im gonna get

which is 33 shipped
with LG Black IDE 16X DVD±R DVD Burner With 5X DVD-RAM Write Model GSA-4167B BK - OEM
for 45 shipped
so it would be 77 total

or LG Black IDE 16X DVD±R DVD Burner With 5X DVD-RAM Write Model GSA-4167B BK - OEM
Model #: GSA-4167B BK
Item #: N82E16827136063
VANTEC NexStar2 NST-525UF 5.25" USB + IEEE 1394 External Enclosure - Retail
Model #: NST-525UF

for 66usd.

what one you guys suggest. and with th enclosure be ok?

does the chipset matter?
SYBA SD-U2PLA-525 External Enclosure Aluminum 5.25" USB 2.0 External Enclosure, NEC Chipset

or can i use it wil whatever drive i buy?im just lookin for a good burner that will burn on whatever disks i burn. i dont care about burning faster.right now i burn at 4x and im happy with that.i just want to get -r and cheap disks everynow an again


There are two cases that have the best chance of working and both of them are here and very reasonably priced. I have ordered many times and they ship next day.



Either one should work with most drives at 12X and the Prolific 3507 will get to 16X with some, on firewire.

Thank you very much for those two suggestions Chas0039.

I started a samilar post a few weeks ago in the NEC forum but i got no reply. As i have a NEC 3540 and i cant get it to burn above 6x on my current external enclosure bought from Ebuyer.

So can i ask are these two available for sale in the UK anywhere. And are they good for the NEC 3540 or are there any better external USB2 (not interested in firewire) enclosures for this drive.


PM me tomorrow and I will let you know how either one will do on NEC burners. As to UK, I don’t have a clue but you should be able to find the chipset somewhere.

Thanks for that. I appreciate your help.