If I am using Linux Ubuntu do I have to worry about which DVD Burner to buy?

I am new to this and have never burned a DVD.
I am wondering if there are certain DVD Burners to pick, if a person is using a Linux operating system.
My question also would include the software I will need to work with and burn the DVDs.
Do I need to look for specific Linux based software?
After reading some other threads, I think I am going to purchase the Optiarc AR7240S burner.
Do any of you think this will be a good choice?
What software should I download to do mainly movie DVD back ups?
And if you have some important bits of advice for a Newbie, so I won’t be left with a pile of coasters, what would they be?

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

For what I know, there are no restrictions about specific drives and linux. All burners are fully supported :slight_smile:

Of course, you need a Linux specific software to use the drive. There are some applications natively running under Linux like K3B, but it is also possible to use windows software like ImgBurn that can run smoothly under WINE.

K3B is an application available in repositories in most Linux distributions, so installing it shouldn’t be a problem. Even if it is a software specifically designed for KDE desktop, it can run perfectly also in Gnome desktops :slight_smile:

To avoid as much as possible to make coasters, the best option is to buy only quality discs. no drive can transform a bad disc into a good one :slight_smile:

About the drive, the 7240 is an excellent drive :iagree:

If your mainboard has no problems in managing SATA drives, then it is an excellent choice. If you are in doubt about the mainboard, then you can get an IDE drive instead :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

As for being a newbie, it is not just burning DVDs that I am not fluent in, I also am not really familiar with other computer terms. But I am learning.
I will read up on WINE to figure out what it is.
Do you think I would be better off using ImgBurn under WINE or using K3B?
I have already bought a pack of Verbatim DVD discs from OfficeMax and hope these are good.
I chose those because I have read good comments about them but they usually mention codes of where they were manufactured and say one place is better than others.
I am not sure about my discs origin, so I will just cross my fingers.
My computer’s motherboard has 2 SATA plugs but the hard drive is hooked up to an IDE plug
Will that be a problem?

Thanks again.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

WINE is something that allow to use under Linux some Windows software.

In my opinion, it is much better use ImgBurn under Wine :iagree:

Verbatim discs are excellent :slight_smile:

About the mainboard, some older ones are not fully compatible with SATA burners. If you are not fully sure about compatiblity, there are two options.

  1. Ask a friend to borrow a SATA burner, and install it in your mainboard. If it works, then the 7240 is a safe purchase.

If not, you can get a PCI controller for the SATA drive.

  1. Get directly an IDE drive, and use the SATA connectors for hard disks only

Well, from what I have learned, I will be ordering the 7240 DVD Burner and reading up on WINE and ImgBurn.
I don’t have anyone that I can borrow a SATA burner from but I will try the 7240 and get the PCI controller for the SATA drive if it needs that.
Now I am kind of looking forward to when it arrives and I can try it out.

Thanks for your help.

Please, post an update when you’ll get the drive :slight_smile: