If given a choice between Prodisc F01 and CMCMAGAE1

… what would you choose.

Its time for me to buy some more discs, I cant afford to buy TY or Verb so its a choice between these two. Which ones would you go for? I know in terms of playback there is very little between them.

cmc mag ae1, but i have seen the prodisc Fo1 code being used by fuji for the fujifilm brand.However there are rumors that cmc will now produce the fuji film brand, it will be interesting to see which code they opt for cmc mag ae1 or the fujifilm.

If you search this forum will read cmc mag ae1 is more reliable than prodisc Fo1 - Discs with Fujifilm MID is another story .Most of them made by Prodisc ,but are better in quality than every prodisc 8x DVD-R disc.

Fujifilm MID may also used by CMC for Philips brand discs, and by Moser Baer India in some limited cases (also for Philips)

CMC. CMC DVD recordables are more reliable as prodisc. Specially in the long run.

About FUJI
For +R CMC will make the disc’s usseing PHILIPSC16 code.
For -R I think we have to waite. So far I heard multiple rumours about codes and manufacturers that would be used but for now the official output was no comment.
I can say that Dual Layer +R FUJI’s are made by RITEK with RICOH code for the moment. (Which would be the best option for FUJI for now. (yes MKM and FUJI is something you wouldn’t see that fast knoweing that both compannies are competiting with each other when it comes to manufactuering technology.)