If discs are failing to be read on one drive but can be on another drive, is it time to upgrade the "faulty" drive?

Here’s a paradox for you. I have recorded a lot of discs on a cheap and cheerful Vistron DVD Recorder - (under a DVSKOREA burner) and, for some bizarre reason, fail to verify on my BenQ burner in my successfully, yet will be read by Sony DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive in my mums laptop burner.

I may have asked this before so forgive me if I have - But, with decent drives going dirt cheap now, is it worthwhile to replace my BenQ burner, about five years old, if it’s playing up?

Interesting side not that it only plays up on discs made by this recorder. All other discs, such as burned on that burner, is verifying okay, so I’m reluctant to buy a new one for the sake of it, so the actual burner is still working.

I don’t get why it will verify in one but not another - In particular being BenQ which is supposed to be one of the best burner brands around. This way I know the actual disc has not failed if it reads on one drive.

Could this be something to do with recording management information (listed in ImgBurn as DVSKOREA DRL-200 - The burner used to make the disc)

If it’s any help - The dye of discs I’m using is RitekF1 and RitekF16, which all work really well and read on both burners.

All drives have certain quirks, which may include consistently failing to read discs produced by a certain drive model (see: certain LiteOn drives trying to read certain NEC burns, certain LG burns looking horrible when read back on a BenQ, certain NEC/Optiarc drives producing burns they themselves cannot read back, certain Samsung drives didn’t begin their lead-in early enough on discs so other drives could read the discs, etc). It may not be worth the change if it’s just burns from THAT particular drive in the standalone unit.

Also, I’d like to point out that BenQ drives can read discs at relatively fast speeds, but they weren’t known for being the best readers of middling/lower-quality burns.

With all that said: what exactly do you mean by “verify”? Does the BenQ outright fail to read the disc, but can recognize it, or can the BenQ not recognize it, or…?