If Discjuggler gives you troubles

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Some guy named Jinxter made a generic driver for DiscJuggler, which fixes many problems people have had with the program. Many more…

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Just use Nero v5.0.2.2
or CloneCD, or CDRWIN

They are all good…
why use disc juggler for?

Well they use DJ coz it is cabable of making self-booting cd’s

ROL has indeed the truth in his mouth.
Padus and Especially the new Prassi Primo CD offer user the ability of performing several copies at the same time.
They are very flexible an Prassi has been in the Multiburning market for several years… Too bad those boy’s at adaptec always sewing them…

If you want to burn several copies there’s just no way around Prassi and Padus

Spot on, DJ is the BEST for making bootable DC games !

it seems most of u dont know much about the dc scene ?

DJ Rulez! Is my favourite burn program! Never a toasted cd! Only a question… Who know how to find a serial or crack for version 3.00.705??

who want’s self-booting cd’s when you got the standart windows boot shit crap thingy…
And what is to boot beside all that?? RIGHT! nothing!

Do you know? Nero can make bootable CD too

It is not about boot cd
The big difrence that DJ offers is that It supports several burners at the same time, and It can read difrent CD formats and protections, that nero can´t.

The main problem with Disk juggler is that when you use several recorders at the same time some copies come out with buffer underun. That is why Prassi Primo 64 is the most stable recording program I have ever seen for mutiple burn´s the only side effect is that I does not copy all formats or protections.

nero, cdrwin, clonecd, and diskjuggler. i use em all. each one has its strengths over the others. i have used diskjuggler a lot in the past, because i had 2 ricoh 2x scsi burners. rarely had a coaster that wasn’t my fault.

Risc means self-bootable dreamcast games. Other programs can’t do that.