If disc has some scratch



I made a simple cd/dvd burning program, and it work very well. :slight_smile:

by the way, if the disc which is inserted for multisession burning has few scratch, my program is down with an application error!
so, I tried to debug it, and found out the point of death.

When NeroImportDataTrack(…) is called, the program is down.

Anyone know why this function goes down?
Is any exception handling method for this function?

Help me, please. :confused:


AFAIK, no exceptions are specified by the NeroAPI, so why not just catch(…) of NeroCreateIsoTrackEx()?

But btw.: It’s not obvious for me why NeroCreateIsoTrackEx has an access violation at all, just because the disk has few scratches. Did you try out what happens with Nero/-Express?


Hello, Thank’s for your concern.

I’ve traced the program, and there is no problem before calling NeroImportDataTrack(). In other word, all parameters and members of structures are normal condition.

So I guess this is not a problem during calling NeroCreateIsoTrackEx().

As a matter of course, using Nero Express, No error are raised.

Do you have any other idear?
Please help me. Thank you~!


Sorry, I meant NeroImportDataTrack for sure!

What do you mean by “the program is down”? Is there an exception, access violation etc?

If this happens only sometimes when the disk is dirty or scratched, why not just adding the proposed catch-all exception handler and report an error to the user?