If audio dig to analog doable why not HD video stream to 'HD' analog?

I understand DRM and have a fair grasp of HDMI but I don’t own any of the equipment so I’m all theory.

For arguments sake let’s assume I buy an HD DVD PC Player and I buy (Don’t start with ownership!) the HD DVD movie. I’d like to backup my copy so the kids don’t scratch it and have to buy it again, etc, etc…

I know I can’t make a digital copy but assuming I am running the video output through HD compliant equipment I get an HD stream. Why can’t I capture the HD video as an analog stream (vs everyone trying to break the digital DRM which is illegal) at HD equivalent resolutions and then convert as necessary to play it back? While not digital I would assume the quality would be fantastic (better than 720 x 480 DVD for certain).

I believe a video software cap program the equivalent of Tunebites cannot be do difficult to create. Is it that the capture equipment is not available?


the answer is simple: Analog outputs are crippled to standard (non-HD) resolutions. It is even possible to shutdown the analog outputs during playback of certain content.


Help me out. I am aware that analog outputs are crippled.

  1. But isn’t there an ‘uncrippled’ digital output besides the hdmi output?

2.If hdmi is the only uncrippled output then will someone explain what the HD DVD Player from Microsoft (XBOX 360) that will play on a PC uses to output with and if that signal is HD?