If anyone knows any kind on media that works on a Broksonic 810 please let me know

I can’t find any blank media that will work on my Broksonic 810 DVD/VCR combo.

A quick search brought this up.

It seems to me that this company makes rebadged drives from other companies. The best solution would be if you contacted them.

I did try contacting them, I think they are part of the Russian mob, this is a few exact quotes from my conversation with Broksonic “What you what?” I ask them i would like to know which kinds of recordable disks are compatable with my player they say “hold, I transfer.” Then a tech picks up and says “what you want” i ask him my question, he says “810 works only with Mp3 and American DVD, Region 1 American DVD and nothing else” then he purposely hung up on me. I guess that’s what I get for buying cheap electroinics.

lol mate :bigsmile:

Hang in there, there is probably someone else that has the same drive out there …