If a DVD-R Can burn at 4x, BUT

The burner can burn at 8x, what will happen?

Thanks in advance.

Can you give more details?

What burner? What firmware? What media?

If the DVD is rated at 4x and the burner is an 8x burner then no problem, it’ll just burn it at 4x.
Most burning apps will only allow you to select a speed that the combination of the burner & the DVD allow.

True. :iagree:

And to further expand on that, some burners have the capability of burning some specific high quality 4x rated media at 8x speed, and perhaps some 8x rated media at 12x or even 16x speed.

In this case the media will be burned at whatever supported speed you choose, or the default speed which usually is the same as the highest supported speed.

Some fw alow some media to burn faster,but if you need to ask the question,then at this point I would not try it untill you become more fimiler with burning.

Ok. Well I wanted to buy those Tokyo ??? (The good DVD-R’s) That write at 4x, but I just bought a computer that has a 8x burner, so i was hoping it would burn at 8x :smiley:

Sometimes labelled as That’s Write, or Plextors, or Fujifilm.

What kind of drive is it? It may be posable to edit the speed so that you can try it.
you can run nero info tool if you do not know.

I’m assuming you are talking about editing the speeds in the firmware.

This is often a recipe for disaster in the hands on a relative novice and quite frankly a waste of time.

If the burners firmware, once up to date, recognises the media & restricts the speed to 4x then leave it at that. If it allows 8x then all well & good.

Hi TimC

I said early that I would not try it if he had to ask the queston,I was not telling him to just telling him it May be possoble to do it.