If a 1-to-1 working backup can't be made with some protection schemes

Suppose I want to back up a Securom 4.8x program. I make an image with Blindread, get a .bwa file and burn it with Blindwrite. It does not work.

If I use Alcohol instead, but source the HDD image from the backed up image, will it still work? Or does it depend on how FUBAR’ed my back up is?

If I made an image with Blindread and burnt it immediately with Blindwrite, without getting a physical characteristics/.bwa file first, will it then be too FUBAR’ed to run even with Alcohol?

Good bwa files depend on your reader. You can successfully backup a Securom 4.8 backup if you have a perfect bwa file.
Use Alcohol to get a mds file, then convert it to bwa with bwa builder. Use blindwrite to burn.

Btw, why backing up a backup ??