IEEE 1394b and SATA 8 ports onboard

A Gigabyte motherboard has IEEE 1394b and eight S-ATA ports. It is expensive, a little over 25,000 Yen in Tokyo right now, but it also has one of the lastest Intel chipset, 915P, and two Gbps LAN ports.

Just a while ago, Intel’s 865/875 introduced 2 S-ATA ports as standard on desktop motherboards. Many complained that two are not enough and some even wanted eight. So Gigabyte is generous and smart enough to provide a motherboard that has a Silicon Image 3114 chipset for four more S-ATA ports in addition to Intel’s ICH6R’s four ports.

I hope there will be 915G(V) motherboards for under US$100 with 16 S-ATA ports by fall. :slight_smile:

Hmz - where is all the PCI slots and IDE slots?

I need:
1 PCI for SB Audigy 2
2 x PCI for two extra IDE controllers since there is so few at the mainboard.
1 x PCI for my dialup modem.

Gotta love the 8 S-ATA ports though :wink:

That’s a damn nice setup. Can you say Dual RAID-5?

That’s exactly what I’d like to experiment in this PC as well. RAID 0 with 8 WD drives is not that fast because of PCI 33/32 bottleneck. Until I have my Xeon’s and Reg ECC modules, I’d better set up my RAID arrays again as dual RAID 5.

That Gigabyte motherboard is actually cheaper than my 3ware 8-ch. P-ATA card and I bought this at under half the market price here. :wink:

915P mobo with 8ch. SATA: less than 300,000 won in Tokyo
3ware 8ch PATA card, used: 350,000 won
3ware 8ch PATA card, new: more than 800,000 won in Seoul

You bought it already? Benchmarks? And yes, integrated RAID controller on mobos will always be cheaper than PCI card solution. However, I hate to see integrated components fail on a mobo in which case you’re stuck w/ it. I tend to buy components separately for that reason. My perferences may change w/ these 8 S-ATA socket mobos though.

Just a few threads below. :slight_smile:

Oh I thought you meant the 8 S-ATA mobo. I’ve read the 3Ware card thread already.

Wow that’s one hell of a board. Now all we need is a good bunch of PCI Express hardware… especially for harddisk controllers.

Or… controllers that are directly connected to a system like AMD’s Hypertransport bus!

You know what I hate the most about these onboard controllers btw? The fact that transferring Arrays between different controllers is often hard or impossible. I wouldn’t know where to put several hunderds of gigabytes of data when building a new system…