IE7 - will you be using it?

As some might know it leaked, and IE7 is attainable via web downloads.

Will you be using it?
Has anybody already used it?

No I won’t be. Not interested, forget it. I’m a Happy camper with what I got!

Same here

Of course! After all, everyone knows that Microsoft makes the best product.

I’ll stick with IE 6 til I have to. I cross between Firefox, Opera and IE. Firefox is the default, Opera is great for playing with code, but all my e-learning and study is only compatible with IE. Be worth a look though.

Firefox works for me…
BTW, what OS can it run on?


I really enjoy my time with FF :smiley:

I never use a new MS program until at least 6 months (and 20 patches) after it’s been released. :wink:

Me too

firefox is just fine, so why should i update a product (ie6) that i don’t use any more?
btw: how deep will IE7 be integrated into the system? will it really only replace the internetbrowsert or more system-components? i mean, look how deep IE6 is intergrated into WinXP - you cannot remove it completely without having an unusable windows…

I’ll use IE7 … for windows update … unless Firefox can start running ActiveX (where’s the sick symbol?).

Here :Z and here and here

Only if M$ forces me to.

I’ll probably use it. I think i will wait for the official release though.


Yeah I’ll be using IE7 as well, give it a try. I usually trade off between Internet Explorer and FireFox. Although with my beta frenzy I’ll be all over the first betas. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on Windows Vistaâ„¢ Beta 1, give it a try see if it really lives up to the name. Vista kinda catchy… in spanish it means ‘View’ don’t know what Microsoft’s name term means. Oh well just another OS to play with. :smiley:

What, you mean the Microsoft servers are full of holes too?
And I thought it was just their software …

Now if only it was a hole in the M$ bank account … there might be someone interested in what leaked out :wink:

As far as I know, only screenshots have been leaked… So it’s more of a drip than a leak…

M$ IE7 :disagree:
Firefox :iagree:

The fox rox!

Couldn’t agree more.

Well…I don’t think that I’m going to use it, it may be worth a shot though.

Vulcan mode
Your search technique is flawed :stuck_out_tongue:
It is 10,772,098 bytes

Also, it appears Windows update doesnt work with 7, or the other way around… :clap: