IE7 memory leaks?



I noticed something recently that when I installed IE7 over IE6 that it seems that the svchost - network service goes to 99% of memory use?? I did also install netframework 3.5 complete as well. But the high mem usage seems to stem from IE7 system files taking over memory forcing long delays before I can click or do anything. Has anyone noticed this odd problem happening after going from IE6 to IE7 and what did they do to fix this problem if they could??


99% of memory use?

You mean 99% cpu use?

What are the specs of the machine? How much memory do you have?


oh yeah that would help too oops…I have to go back home and open it up and get all the listed hardware down. Yes, that was 99% CPU usage…along with the svchost - network service…


have you went to google and look for ie7 cpu 99% you might find your problem there. repost if you get it fixed.


I do remember a search like that I read about how to figure out why it was taking so much cpu process…but thought someone had found a easier way to figure what part of the O/S was causing this…