IE work offline - try again error

Well, its somewhat of an explaination but here goes:

My friends machine keeps getting an error. It happens only upon first launch of internet explorer. It can’t seem to find a connection to the internet and there is a pop window with a button to “try again”, after which clicking the web connection works right away and google homepage launches. It is a shared cable connection off a D-Link DI-604 wired router. Also, after clicking try again, IE thereafter works fine on each launch attempt with other new ie windows. It happens ONLY when initially trying to go on line and only with IE.

Also, this happens only after setting up a small network for a shared laser printer. Prior to setting up shares, IE works fine on first try. This happens on two machines set up to share the laser printer. Maybe it’s a registry setting, or something simple I overlooked? It’s an annoying little nag but I was wondering if anyone knew a fix.

here is the error:

Have the same problem with one of four computers connected to my home network (D-Link 804).
It’s odd as that computer is the only computer that ever gets that message. I have not given it much thought as I myself do not use that computer very much. In my case there is a shared printer on the network connected to the comp that gets these errors.

I tried many things, I suspect its just a bug in windows at this point. Don’t think it can be fixed. :frowning:

my mom had something like this with her laptop, but it was a goofy network setting that went back to default, when the router fell down, and the signal got poor. are you sure all the network settings are proper?

Well, its all on auto, no manual setup there. So I guess it’s only windowsXP or the d-link router to blame.

i used to get that message until i went to IE properties and reset the web settings to default then selected “never dial a connection” on the connection tab

Open IE,
try this open file, look for the work offline and reenable it by clickign on it.

See if that works