IE opens very slowly at first!



Hi. I dont know why but Internet Explorer opens very slowly at first. For eg. I will turn on my computer, connect my dsl modem to the internet and double click the IE icon. The IE window will pop up and it will take 12-15 seconds for the page to load. After that if I open more IE windows, they load just fine and within acceptable time. I narrowed it down to this conclusion:

Any program that connects to the internet for the first time after turning on my computer, it takes a long time for the program to connect (12-15 seconds). Be it, IE or Yahoo Messenger or updating virus scanner etc.
But after that initial program makes contact with the internet for the first time, there is no problem for any other program to connect. I’ve ran several good virus scanners and spyware tools as well as had HiJackThis examined by experts, but no problem seems to appear there. I also once found out by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del during the 12-15 seconds period that the CPU is being used 100% when the only process that is running is one IE page trying to load!!! I dont think this is normal.

I’ve explained all the steps and symptoms in detail so that you guys can give me a proper diagnosis :slight_smile:

Hope you can help.



That seems to simply be a characteristic of IE. I use Mozilla for everything that doesn’t require IE, and Mozilla takes only a second or 2 to load. Mozilla also has built in spam filter for email without need for third party spam program. Go to for free Mozilla downlaod if interested.


The sooner you get rid of IE start using FireFox or Mozilla the quicker your browser will open :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I don’t believe IE can be eliminated because Windows won’t allow removal, but you can simply stop using it which I’ve done except for a very few sites that require IE.