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WTF! I have my homepage in Internet Explorer set to the forums, but as recently, it has been reverting to this. I have attempted deleting all registry entries to the site, and that seemed to work - for 10 minutes.

Any suggestions? There is no HOSTS file in the %windir%.

A person with the same problem on forum…

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A person with the same problem on forum…

Thanks for the link, but this has no answer - therefore, how can it help me???

You’re browser has been hijacked. I suggest you run Ad-aware to get rid of it.

the hosts file is in, um…c:/windows/system32/somestuff?

I have Ad-Aware on a setting where it runs on startup automatically…have also done a deep scan. Under Tools >, there was something that said “Reset Web Settings”. Looks like (so far) it is working for me. No hosts file yet (%windir% is the windows directory - go to Run and try it ;)).

Will keep informed and thanks!

Here’s the solution: go to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and delete the HOSTS file. That should fix the problem. After that, use the Spybot S&D HOSTS file in place of the Windows HOSTS file.

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No hosts file yet

Been there, done that.

Problem was solved by going to:

Tools > Reset Web Options

Found out this option was dependent on the installed (and unwelcomed) software.

Thanks again!

see if this helps here?

Scroll down to “Dealing with Coolwebsearch and affiliates”

I detest spyware.
This usually pisses me off when I see a program steal my browser and my resources…

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[B]see if this helps here?

Scroll down to “Dealing with Coolwebsearch and affiliates” [/B]

Props! Worked like a charm ;).


I AM PISSED…I am still getting this pile of a homepage!!!

Possible Java exploit?? I have uninstalled the Microsoft VM and am using the Java 2 from Sun’s website…anything else??

Well, I just updated my Ad-Aware to the new build (released like today?)…needless to say, it worked. :smiley:

Damn these stupid things that make us go crazy :)]

Here is another way. If the bastard searchv page pops up again…
This was qouted from

Browser Start Page Hijacked by

Question: My default homepage for IE is Earthlink. A few days ago it somehow changed to someplace called SearchV.

Seemed like an easy fix to go to Internet Options on the General Tab and fix it. Well, what happens is that anytime I do a reboot or a fresh start up it still somehow defaults back to SearchV.

Any thoughts-help-advise-comments-etc. would be most appreciated. - D. McF.

Answer: Searchv is a well known browser “hijacker.” It’s likely that your Registry has been changed. Caution: always be careful when editing the registry. Here’s how to check:

Click Start | Run and type regedit to open the Registry Editor.
Navigate to this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main.
In the right pane, look for an entry called Start Page. Double click it.
In the Value Data box, if the URL is, that’s your culprit. Change it to your desired start page.
Click OK and close the Registry Editor.

This would be a ugly thing to do someone else computer remotely

Cloakdoa, thank you for this!

BUT, I previously have deleted ALL registry keys that point to this URL (like 7 of them total??), and somehow they all seemed to go back. I do have Java 2 Runtime on my PC, but not from M$…I really want to find out where these hijackings are coming from!

Not the forums, right?!

type msconfig in your run dialog, see if any rogue programs are running hidden @ startup.

Download Spy Sweeper, update it, and have it scan your hard drive. It found some pretty well hidden (and really malicious) spyware progs on my computer that Ad-Aware and Spybot both couldn’t detect.