IE background problem

I use as my home page. It has a blue background. When I use it as my home page it has a white background.
When I change my home page to something else and then acess the page the background is blue.

I went to the display properties, desktop tab, and at the bottom select the customize desktop, then select web tab, highlight my current home page and select properties. the new box opens with a box checked off make available off line. so I selected the download tab, then advanced and wala there are options for what not to download for the page. I unselected all that were selected. saved everything.
I still had the same problem.

If anyone has an idea please help me out

thanks for any info.
RandyRB :a

Huh, I don’t think it changes anything in your web home page, does it ? I have tried setting it as my home page and nothing has changed :smiley:

What’s the matter with the white background ? :wink:

I wanted to know why it is doing it.

There has to be a reason why.

What else is changed because of it?

You know what I mean.

Uhm, do you have a customized version of Internet Explorer, or the “normal” one ? Some versions display web pages differently than others; especially if you visit the web pages of their creators.

By visiting I have found a link “Try MSN Internet Software for FREE!” - if you have that probably this is your problem. When MSN I.S. realizes is your home page, it tries to make everything prettier :smiley:

What else is changed because of it?

Probably nothing other than’s appearance. I don’t think the IEAK (or similar) kit to customize the IE scripts allows users to change anything but appearance. Or at maximum some popups…

Don’t worry, it’s not a virus from Microsoft :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

IE 6 is what I use.

It use to be blue.

I don’t know when it changed, so I can not relate it to any software installation.

Is there anything that you know of that affects the browser ?

I have Opera and it is blue in that program.

I have tried the internet settings also, with no luck.

I just want to find the reason for this.


I don’t know much about IE’s settings, altough I use it. Opera used to be my browser, but has too many compatibility problems (and too many pages are designed to be compatible with IE ONLY :a). However visual changes are common, so you should not worry about that.

Try setting your home page to again. Does the background change ? And if you set your home page back to another website ?