IE 6 upgrade problem, Help!Thanks!

I have IE5.5 installed and i would upgrade to IE6, but the system tell me that “an old previuos installation isn’t finished, reboot and retry”, but I haven’t luck. Any idea is welcome, without format c:, of course.

Try removing IE5.5 first and then run the install from the IE6.0 download.

If you have problems with uninstalling IE5.5 then reinstal IE5.5 en then upgrade to 6.x. That should fix the problem.

Uninstall was without luck… Reinstall IE5.5, too.
I did adopt an extreme solution: I know that Explorer has inside the Internet Explorer’s code, so I always have a way to go in internet… I deleted the “Programs/Internet Explorer” folder and install Internet Explorer 6.0:it’s gone! Very good, and now i browse very fast.Thanks to all.
Now I have another little problem: how delete the banner on the top of IE (I bought a magazine with Cd) with (Virgilio) advertisement?
Can you help me?
Thanks again