IDVDRW8D (BTC....) burn quality on compatible media

My iomagic IDVDRW8D (BTC DRW1008IM) FW v0256 has burn quality problems with Sony DVD+RW (1-4x compat) (RICOHJPNW11), even though its on the media compatibility list.

Burns ISO data OK via Nero, but verify finds errors.

Dell laptop DVD reader (HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4241N) finds no errors.
Desktop DVD reader (Samsung CDR/DVD SM-348B) finds no errors.

Any ideas?


What are you using to verify the discs? Nero Scandisc? No ideas but I wanted to add that I too have a Samsung combo drive (the SM-348B) and it generally hates the shiny DVDs that my Emprex 1004 spits out. I routinely run Nero Scandisc on both the Emprex (sitting in a desktop PC) and on my Acer Travelmate laptop (can’t remember the combo make there) and as long as a disc gets a clean bill of health on those two DVD reading drives I’m happy. If it also gets by the Samsung screen (a third drive in a third PC) then it’s a great disc in our house but the Samsung tends to only like higher quality makes (Verbatim, TDK, Ricoh rather than the Intenso, Medianca, Princo, SK, SKY etc. discs of this world - oh yes owning a BTC drive gets you familiar with the vast media market). Oh and I almost always use DVD+RWs. I still don’t trust my Emprex to not deliver coasters and I’ve had it a few months now.