IDVD16DD firmware upgrade killed drive

I purchased this drive yesterday, ran the liveupdate tool… upgraded the frimware from .79 to .82 or something like that… anyway, after rebooting, the drive is no longer availabe… the power light stays on… I have tried switching the ide from primary to secondary, slave to master, etc… no luck. How am I suppose to flash the drive if it is not detected in dos when booting?

I don’t own a BTC drive but I have read that its firmware is mtkflash compatible and if so you can use mtkflash to “blind-flash” the drive by indicating the IDE port where it is connected. I did this perfect longtime ago to a liteon cdwriter but never since then. It should work I wish you luck. (In case this does not help you can claim replacement under warranty I hope).

Thanks for the reply… could you point me in the direction for telling mtk which ide channel… I have 2 on my board… and an ide controller on one of my pci slots. I can use any of the 4.
And if not, it’s ok… I’ve faxed in a request for RMA so hopefully if nothing else they’ll accept it.

Just look here.

Regards, Martin A

Thanks again… :bow: