Idoit guide to getting a LG NAS



Hi I won a LG NAS storage unit and I happy to have it.I’m a blues fan and have thousands of cds that I’ve brought over 25 years and needed something like this product to store them-they take up so much room.So in a series of posts -not to long I’ll go through my laymans explaining ordeal. It took me a while to by a cisco switch and another LAN cable in order to hook up my NAS. Heres how my nas came and her I show how huge these units are.


Well I slipped the first post threw the pics show how I received them along with the advertised labels here more pics


OK are you ready here’s the hard disks there huge -if you have the extra bucks buy this.


Haha very nice marloyd, thanks for sharing these pics.

I noticed your avatar ‘in real life’ laying around - that’s probably no coincidence is it now? :wink:


The last shot was the locks to lock the units in-you can buy extra hard disk and LG makes these units twice this size ( of course twice the money).

next shows the back side and power source – I was playing around to where to put it. it ended on top of the desk.


Hey Bussy I just borrowed the pig for a while I’ll give it back.:bigsmile:


I wanted to show the only hookup is the Lan cable and power cord(even I hooked up)I had to buy a cisco switch and another Lan cable and I was in business.And that is my cheap cable modem with my big toe in it.:bigsmile:

no problems so far.


Very good pictures, marloyd! Great job!


Thanks kievrus hope your having as mmmmust fun with yours as I’m having with mind.:wink: