IDIOTS - be gone!

After posting my 1.1.1 first results post - I received a private message from some idiot asking me for a serial for dvd2one 1.1.1

wtf is that ?

for crying out loud - I have nothing specific against warez - but private messaging me in the OFFICIAL forum asking me to send you the serial of software that I have paid for myself - is simply to idiotic for me.

So to any other strangers who might get that brilliant idea - either bye the freaking software and support the further development of it - or learn to search the net yourself. Under no circumstances am I ever going to help you.

First thing I got after being promoted to moderator was a PM from one guy asking for a serial… Bad timing :bigsmile:
Don’t answer such requests. Some people are idiots. :slight_smile:
Closing as this does not relate to DVD2One really…