I have said before that the USA, and other parts of the planet, are in the midst of seeing the plot of the movie “Idiocracy” being played out in real life. Now I read this:

[I]"Ten questions about physical and biological science were on the quiz, and the average score – 6.5 correct – was barely a passing grade.

Just 74 percent of respondents knew that the Earth revolved around the Sun, according to the results released at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago.

Fewer than half (48 percent) knew that human beings evolved from earlier species of animals."[/I]

I would like to know what our public school system teaches these kids for 12 years. Or better yet, HOW it teaches them. It seems like we graduate a greater percentage of idiots in each class as each year passes.

I believe that students are not failed and held back because it injures their self esteem.
They are now encouraged to do better by passing them onto the next grade :wink:

There is a child in my family that has a learning disability. Nothing extremely serious but a combination of dyslexia and something else. They were brought into the school for a conference about how they (the school) was going to handle kids like him and were told they would be in with the general population all day long. When his parents asked how these kids would receive the attention they needed to compensate for their learning disability they were told the tests for these kids would be adjusted so they would receive a normal grade! I am serious! This was the schools “new way” of teaching these children. His parents went berserk and rightly so. I guess the school is now re-evaluating their position on the matter.

If they do this with special needs kids they are very likely doing it with everyone. I think the proof they are doing it is in just how uneducated many graduates are these days.

IMO, the public school system (and especially their administrations) in the USA is failing so badly that they have resorted to these tactics in order to not be held accountable for their actions and lack of performance. Most of the teachers are products of the same failed school system they are perpetuating and making even worse. It is the proverbial case of “The blind leading the blind.”

I think it was Rita Rudner who said about math teaching: “it’s not if you are right or wrong, but how you feel about the answer”


[QUOTE=UTR;2719367] [I]Fewer than half (48 percent) knew that human beings evolved from earlier species of animals."[/I][/QUOTE]

What about people like me that don’t beleive the above.

I don’t beleive that mankind or the rest of the animals got here by evolution. If I had children I would have taught them the same.

I do believe that specimens can be altered through genetic selection but a frog can’t breed with a dog to get an new animal .
Even at what would be considered the closest to man the chimpanzee. If human sperm is taken it won’t fertilize a chimpanze egg.
I don’t think even gorilla & chimpanze can be artifically mixed this way into a hybrid.
There are some hybrids that can & do occur but most of those are sterile.

Simply put I believe that every animal was created by God man included.

Cholla, it isn’t really a matter of belief, IMO. While you believe in creation you also know about the alternative of evolution. My guess is that majority of students answering the question don’t know the details of evolution theory and, very likely, not much about creation.

It took some digging but I did find the full report and the ten questions are as follows:

UTR , I got your point on the students not knowing either way.
I could have given the answer the test wanted correct for all of the questions.
I just wouldn’t have considered the answer correct.
Thanks for the effort in finding the test even if it did already have the answers.
It’s hard to believe the percentages on some of the other questions.

I will Miss Jay Leno, his segment “Battle of the Jaywalk All Stars” was
a long time favorite"

I can’t see how, not knowing the “revolving procedure” of the earth should make me less capable of living a good life.
I do however acknowledge that it’s important that some ppl know about such stuff.

There’s a whole lot of “academic pace” going on these days, but in many cases you still need a “simple” craftsman to fulfill the duties’.
It’s just kinda sad that the labor is located in foreign countries at minimum wages and poor working conditions.