IDG: Windows 8 and tablets responsible for decline in PC sales

IDG: Windows 8 and tablets responsible for decline in PC sales.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Computer vendors will sell less PCs this year for the second year in a row.

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I think there’s a 3rd factor which is being ignored. PC’s last longer than they used to.

I kept my last PC (from 06 to 2011) for nearly 5 years. In the 90s I seemed to need to replace it every 3. Components would wear out. New OS and software were always needing faster CPU’s and more RAM. We’ve gotten to the point where PC tech is pretty evolved. People don’t need to replace them as often as they used to.

I don’t think tablets/phones have replaced PC’s. There’s still a demand for a keyboard/mouse for students to do their homework or for people to surf the net on a full screen.

I think tablets augment PC’s. Where Tablets are good for portability but PC’s have their benefits.

To sum it up I think the matured tech in PC’s requires less turnover for replacements which also hurts the industry.

I would agree Windows 8 hurts it as well. I wouldn’t buy a laptop with windows 8 on it.

And a 4th (maybe the biggest) factor: The economy. I don’t know anyone who has money to spend on nonessentials right now.

Maybe a lot of people have seen the folly in always wanting to have cutting edge technology. Very few people [B][I]need[/I][/B] the best and fastest tech in their computers. Including nearly everyone here who might [B][I]think[/I][/B] they are power users.

Grammar Correction
"This year they will sell fewer desktops, laptops and netbooks than in 2012."

[QUOTE=Zod;2679860]I think there’s a 3rd factor which is being ignored. PC’s last longer than they used to.[/QUOTE]

Agreed. Hardware surpassed software a long time ago. Also, tablets are definitely hurting PC sales. I haven’t upgraded my PC in 5 years, but last year I bought three BlackBerry PlayBooks for me, my wife, and my son. Tablets have decimated netbook sales.

[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2679872]Grammar Correction
"This year they will sell fewer desktops, laptops and netbooks than in 2012."

Agreed. Hardware surpassed software a long time ago. Also, tablets are definitely hurting PC sales. I haven’t upgraded my PC in 5 years, but last year I bought three BlackBerry PlayBooks for me, my wife, and my son. Tablets have decimated netbook sales.[/QUOTE]

Agreed +1. The only reason I got a new PC in late '11 was that my old PC was 10 years old, and went through Windows 98 and Windows XP, and could only handle up to 2 GB of RAM memory for my tasks. I made sure I had my new PC built to specs that could handle Windows 7 (and added a DVD/Blu-ray burner and 2 DVD burner/Blu-ray readers), and even though I upgraded to Windows 8 this year, I don’t intend to toss my PC away any time soon.

Most people don’t need the power of a desktop. I do music mixes and video editing, whereas my wifey does the Facebook thing.

What’s funny is these peeps will pay more for a tablet just so they can tweet at starbucks.

I think the lack of progress made on the hardware side remains a big issue. Three years ago, we found an i5 notebook for $450 on-sale, and nowadays, that’s still about the best price for an i5 notebook. No matter how much faster a new i5 is from the original generation of i5’s, it’s not worth spending more new dollars (doubling my original purchase price).

Intel’s refusal to support SATAIII natively has been our easy-out for not pushing those MB upgrades to customers, but we’re also doubtful that the first gen of Haswell motherboards will be perfect either. So that’s another delay - another stall - in computer upgrades.

Maybe we’ll finally see HDD prices tumble AND capacities increase. It’s been a couple of years since HDD capacities have changed, too, but the new 1Tb-per-disk opens this open to the normal 133%, 150% then 200% increases if they’re going to continue babystepping us.

I still don’t believe SSDs will be considered mass-replacements for data-storage. For the performance servers (holding webpages and transactions), but that’s still going to be a Minor Allocation that is a tough sell because it’s a Major Expenditure. Tough to say, “You’ve got to spend 50% of your budget and lose, not gain, capacity.”

But that argument should go, “I’m creating new Transaction Servers, not Storage Servers - I’ll still have the same old storage capacity.”

Still, that incredibly higher price has been a Sticker Shock factor in bean-counter-dom.

One other point that anti-productive devices (SmartPhones, Tablets) illustrate is that there is a huge segment that ARE anti-productive and are willing to pay for “sit back and watch” technology as opposed to a computer’s “sit forward and do”.

Some bean-counters will wonder (or have been) “So, our employees get just as much done now as they did when everyone had laptops? Uh - and exactly how much is ‘get as much done’? Maybe we don’t need so many anti-productive employees, period.”

Gee. Welcome to bureaucracies and central HQs! I can’t wait until the bean-counters tally up how many V8 engines they’ve assembled or how many bushels of corn they harvested.

good comments guys, and agreed re. the mentioned factors of
slow economy,
the difference between users, and watchers , ,

from laptop user perspective, dont want poor quality hardware, and try to own equip thats built good, has access at bottom, and lasts or can replace parts, not the whole unit (eg replace SATA drive, optical CD/DVD drive read/write, but theres sometimes the compatablity issue; and though not a real tech, but try doing or learn, or have a pro fix ),
and win 8 (who wants it, not me)

after checking/reading about win 8 and playn bit at stores; the win 8 setup or platform definite appears geared for touchscreen, and dont want touchscreen for pc b/c fast actual typing/reporting/ notes requires good keyboard/ laptop, not touchscreen; though have considered tablet w/ option using separate keyboard w/ good keys, but again dont agree w/ new setup w/ win 8, and found want to carry laptop and open and go

had replaced HP 2005 laptop (which died after 5 yrs good hard use, had small mem which maxed out now, and isp now faster , and avail wifi and bluetooth ,) meaning progress has come and was time to catch up/ upgrade, and found/bought 2010 laptop w/ os win xp,
though the win 7 was avail, was concerned after win vista hx, and next was win 7 which had possibl promise (and win 8 in progress, what gives), not interested; and out of frustration had plans to learn linux system, and still want to learn

note, last year my employer announced plans to change/upgrade from use of win xp pro, to win 7, hmm; and again started last year, laptop now has issues/changes w/ the streaming/watching videos, now delayed and out of sync, and pauses, grr; couldnt dx the cause and assumed was possibl os issue, and again part of the resulting technol progress,

have now decided upgrade to win 7 laptop 13.3 or 14", ready to buy, but not win 8; not much laptops now avail w/ win 7, just few, or refurbished ones, and trying to find refurbished w/ (1) usb 3.0, and usb 2.0, standard SD slot, and internal CD/DVD drive w/ read/write avail;

no, dont like win 8; remain believer in tweaks and having clean lean machine, and like options of SSD or hybrid hard drives, hmm, thats of interest, not system 8

I just built two PCs this weekend from old parts that have been laying around for years. One is a socket 775 MB with an E5300 overclocked to 3.6 ghz, 2GB of DDR2 800 mhz RAM and an old SATA 1.5 GB/s hard drive. It is surprisingly peppy and I could easily get by with it today. In fact, I wondered why I decommissioned it in the first place. They will serve two of may relatives quite well for many years to come.

Lately, I have noticed there are many old PCs and laptops that are still in use as peoples’ main computers. I still use a Dell D620 and an older Acer Aspire that came with Windows Vista as laptops. They do everything I need and will continue to do it for the foreseeable future.

I think the speed of hardware has greatly outpaced the needs of the people using them. Many people are perfectly satisfied with using a computer they bought five years ago and will do so until it stops functioning. It doesn’t take much computer power to surf the Internet and send email. If it wasn’t for gamers, computer sales figures would be stark. Business has determined that their employees can do their job perfectly fine with a 5+ year old computer running Windows XP so they are no longer driving sales like they used to. Then add on Windows 8 and it puts the final wet blanket on PC sales across the board.

[QUOTE=UTR;2692683]If it wasn’t for gamers, computer sales figures would be stark…[/QUOTE]
Take a look at most Revew Sites, and those are solely geared toward gamers. One-item purchasers. Look at Case Reviews - they’ll have one hard drive in a case designed for 6, 8 or 10. They’ll pay attention to Gamer Videos - game-playing, watching - and almost no attention to productive workloads.

“Stark” then becomes maybe even optimistic!

Some of our developer honchos returned from MS conferences and said, “We noticed there were no Vol-License Folks there. The head of that department, but none of the usually middle managers or sales hawkers.”

Why is that? “So people couldn’t ask the right people the hard questions about Win8 volume-license sales.”

“Or perhaps those folks can’t meet their sales quotas and therefore aren’t privileged to attend developer conferences. Anyone guess how many developers want to sell Onesy Copies instead of Vol-License copies? About zero.”

And finally, the most feared of all…

“And everything was geared to selling everything thru Ballmer’s checking account - his AppStore.”

I have also noticed that the sales of refurbished computers is booming and they all have Windows 7 installed. I think some have figured out that Windows 8 is a non-starter for many people and these people have no issues buying a refurbished computer in order to get the OS they want. Refurbs are being sold everywhere nowadays.