Identifying what kind of AD-7200S I have?

I’ve just read this topic here:

and I’m even more confused, as the drive I just aquired from eBay has version 1.52 firmware on it, and that firmware isn’t listed anywhere :confused::confused:

Which firmware can I use on Liggy’s page? I’m looking for region free firmware, which produces solid burns on DVD-R & DVD-R DL media. I only really burn on low speeds for better quality burns.

Looks like you got an OEM drive that was part of a PC. As far as I remember 1.5* was mainly used in Packard Bell - but I could be wrong here.

There were two different hardware revisions of this drive and without a firmware dump, we cannot say which one you got. Perhaps you would be able to send this firmware to me? (eMail address in PM)

I think firmware 1.09, 1.0A and 1.0B should have support for both hardware revisions, so you probably best just stick to the latest version which is 1.0B

Thank you very much Liggy. E-mail sent with dump. I tentatively await you results :smiley:

Any update liggy

Got the firmware, but currently too busy with work so I cannot do any modifications here. For now I would recommend you to use one of the firmwares I mentioned in my last post.

But your firmware has bootcode version 12 which is as far as I remember the newer one.

[QUOTE=toge;2662265]the drive I just aquired from eBay has version 1.52 firmware on it[/QUOTE]

Just to put your mind to rest, I flashed 1.0B on one of these 1.52 drives not so long ago (the drive was also sourced from eBay) without any problem and without any BinFlash warnings and the drive works perfectly well.

Firmware 1.52 is quite a bit older than 1.0B anyway (Feb 15, 2008 vs Jul 31, 2009) so it would make good sense to use the latest 1.0B firmware.

Thank you to you both.