Identifying Verbatim TY DVDs

Is there a simple way to identify TY Verbatim DVDs from non-TY Verbatim discs ?

I keep buying Verbatim media advertised as TY but I don’t see anything that proves I’m not being ripped off. What do I look for and where do I look ?

On the packaging, look for “Made in Japan”. The 50 packs at least come in the usual TY cakebox (have a look at the TY FAQ sticky for details of the spindle/cakebox).

I mention the 50 packs, as I have had 25 packs of the 8x Verb +R that had a regular cakebox with grey bottom, but all the 50 packs I’ve had, have had the TY cakebox.

I’m guessing you’re in Europe, right? 'Cos if you’re in North America, you won’t find the TY Verbies :wink:

Edit: Additional info - I find all mine in Staples/PC World, but SVP online have the 16x Verb TYs, too.

What [B]Arachne [/B]said, plus the discs themselves, if TY, will have a GGXXXXX or TGXXXXX stampercode on them, while MCC discs will have a ZDXXX-XXX… stampercode on them.

Plus in case you never used DVDIdentifier or CDSpeed, both apps will report the actual model (MID) and manufacturer of the discs (but won’t tell you if the discs are genuine or fake, sadly).

if TY, will have a GGXXXXX or TGXXXXX stampercode on them, while MCC discs will have a ZDXXX-XXX… stampercode on them.

I believe, there is little chance you can find 8x MIJ Verbatims nowadays, just 16x ones, so the TY-version stampercode should be THxxxxx or GHxxxxx for these 16x discs :wink:

:doh: You are perfectly right. :iagree:

Actually NOT perfectly, he-he :bigsmile:… I’d missed one digit: the correct forms should be THxxxxx[B]x[/B] and GHxxxxx[B]x[/B] LOL :bigsmile:

Now you’re splitting hairs :bigsmile:

Unsplit hairs can’t be perfect :bigsmile:, that’s why I’m splitting them… uhmm, I mean, putting things right to be closer to perfection :bigsmile:.

LOL! Fair point :bigsmile:

LOL :bigsmile: Thanks for the good laugh. :slight_smile:

With the 25’s packs all of mine have had a gray bottom to them, not the normal black, and as said the 50’s are in a normal TY cakebox, not a Verb cakebox.
I cant remember about the 100’s its been quite some time since I have got any Verb TY in 100’s and TBH I like the 25 and 50’s better.

This is the same way with my Panasonic TYG03 , Sony and Fuji also used that gray bottom spindles for heir TY media in 25 packs (also in 50 packs for Sony) which is considered the “new” style TY cakebox

The grey-bottom cakeboxes aren’t really TY though, as I’ve bought Fuji and Sony-branded Ricoh media that were in the same cakeboxes. There actually is a smaller capacity TY cakebox but it doesn’t seem to be used a whole lot outside of Japan, with the exception of Sony audio CD-Rs in 30 packs I’ve seen here in the US.

I have some Plextor branded Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R in a TY 25pc cakebox (with room for perhaps 30 discs) and I’ve seen Plextor branded 16x DVD+R in the same type of cakebox.

I also have some Fujifilm branded Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R in a TY 10pc cakebox.

So they have been available outside Japan under some brands.