Identifying Prodisc and CMC Verbatim 16X. Which is Which?



Someone a while ago was able to tell us how to differentiate between CMC and Prodisc Verbatim 8X media. I have two different versions of their 16X +R Verbatims and I wounder if anyone knows how to tell which is CMC and which is Prodisc.



I think with CMC one’s you should see a code that begins PAPA on the hub.

I think Prodisc uses a different code there, although I may be speaking moose droppings.


The cakebox generally is the telltale sign.


The Prodisc made stuff uses a spindle like this and the CMC spindle looks something like this.


Now I see the difference in the hub in the center. Thanks [buck]. One has a lighter shade of purple than the other. The darker one has a + in the middle of the serial and the lighter purple has PAPA at the beginning. I used to think that the + in the middle was Prodisc and the PAPA was CMC. The thing that threw me here was that the PAPA discs burn much better than the + discs. I guess CMC is getting better. Thanks guys. It is much easier to refer to these discs by who makes them and I didn’t want to get it wrong.


so chas0039,
Please clarify this!

  • = Prodisc ?
    or viceversa?


Based on what Dismembered Ninja said and what I recall about 8X Verbatim this would be true. The point is that it used to be that the Prodisc was better. Now, based on what I have here, the CMC is better. I’ll be looking for the light purple with the straight hub center.


I was under the impression that the Prodisc made ones had a - or a + (depending on which format) breaking up their serials whereas the CMC made discs did not. I could be mistaken though.


That matches with the consensus here. Thanks for the confirmation.


I can confirm what has been stated about serial numbers already.

MAH, PAH, PAP followed by 16 digits=CMC

  • and - in the middle=Prodisc

Also, don’t be surprised that those CMC made discs can be of better quality. I’ve gone through two recent batches of Verbatim 8x discs (one DVD+R, the other DVD-R) that were made by Prodisc and both were horrible. 10 out of 25 DVD-R discs ending up as coasters for example, is NOT good. Whereas the 8x DVD-R ones I recently got hold of made by CMC have excellent scans.


I’ve heard many, many horror stories about Prodisc MCC media, ESPECIALLY the 16X stuff. I definately prefer CMC.


Thanks for the input. Too bad Prodisc has had so much trouble. At least CMC is improving.


i just had some 8x Prodisk MCC from newegg
they burned fine with PIF less than 200
i guess the quality just varies


Yup, not all of them are bad. That is good to know though if I ever buy single layer Verbatim.


Are all the Verbatim Made In India made by Moser Baier, (Spelling)?

Do the spindles differ?



Yep, all the “Made in India” Verbs are Moser Baer.


better yet which are better?



  1. Singapore (rare, this is the only real MCC)
  2. Taiwan (CMC)
  3. India (Moser Baer), apparently made another way than the Taiwan and Singapore discs are, some burners won’t like it
  4. Taiwan (Prodisc)


If MCC 004 discs with a serial starting PAPA… are Prodisc then in my experience they give superb burns.


But most said that PAPA*s are CMC… :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant, the best MCCs, just as good as TY or even better, are Made in Singapore, then CMC-made Made in Taiwan, then MBI-made Made in India and the worst MCCs are made by Prodisc in Taiwan.

I might be wrong though!