Identifying non-blank CD media

Is there a way to identify non-blank CD-R media? I’ve used CDR Identifier and Nero successfully to determine the manufacturer of blank CD-R media, but haven’t gotten it to work with non-blank media.

I see people posting quality scans of their old recorded media along with a screenshot of Nero/CD Identifier, so I’m assuming there’s some trick I’m missing. Do only some drives support reading the ATIP on already recorded media?

I can’t do C1/C2 scans or PI/PO scans with either of my drives so for now all I can do is look at everybody’s KProbe screenshots… but I do have old discs I know to be bad (visible discolorations/spots on the dye side and/or oxidation of the metal) and wanted to check the manufacturers to know who to stay away from. :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows XP Pro SP 2
Plextor PX-W2410A with v1.02 firmware (stock)
NEC ND-2500A with Herrie’s v1.07b5 firmware

Yes. It is exactly the same way as with blanks :

Disc Type = CDR
Material = Cyanine
Lead In = 97:24:01
Lead Out = 79:59:72
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB
Manufacturer Maybe = Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 52X (Write)

Disc Type = CDR (A+)
Lead In = 97:24:01
Lead Out = 79:59:72
Nominal = 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f/LBA:359847)
Manufacturer = Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Cur. Speed = Wrt(52X),Rd(52X)

Disc Type CDR (A+)
Manufacturer Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Material Cyanine
Media ID 97:24:01
Length 79:59:72
Capacity 702,80 MB
Free Size 0,00 MB
Maximum Read Speed 52x
Maximum Write Speed 52x

ATIP: 97m 24s 01f
Disc Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden Company Ltd.
Reflective layer: Dye (Long strategy; e.g. Cyanine, Azo etc.)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f / LBA: 359847)

ATIP info from disk - Read by Feurio 1.67
Recorder: LITE-ON - LTR-52246S
ATIP start of lead in: -02:35:74 (sector: -11699)
ATIP start of lead out: 79:59:72 (sector: 359997)
Manufacturer code: 97 24 01 - Taiyo Yuden Company Limited (Type: 1)
Disc subtype: Medium Type A, high Beta category (A+)

Media : CD-R media
Subtype: Medium Type A, high Beta category (A+)
Disc(Matrix) Manufacturer : Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Recording Characteristics : Long Strategy Type (ex. Cyanine type media)
Indicative Target Writing Power : 4 mW
Use : Restricted
Capacity (nominal) : 702.83 Mb

Some older drives cannot return ATIP for written media (I had one like that) - I was surprise when my newer drive could return ATIP for non-blank media.

Try using the NEC for the id - the more recent drive is more likely to support it on non-blank media.

Got it to work with my NEC and using Alcohol 120%… Nero CD Speed would just display blank info, and CDR Identifier wouldn’t even recognize the drive.

I’ll put together a webpage soon with some of my findings :slight_smile: