Identifying downloads



Just started in downloading p2p etc, using shareaza.
I do a search and the various files appear, but they don’t give you much details about what version etc the movie is, ie pot, chakara etc.
I d/loaded a movie yesterday, played it in media plyer and it was in german, how can you determine these things before you waste your time and d/load?
Or will the movie have different laguages when I burn it? (if I can suss out how to do that).
Thanks steve


Actually, you are not allowed to download movies, as they are copyrighted material…
But what i can tell you, for audio and video, when you download a file, when you get to 5-6% of it, double click on it, it should give you 4-6 mins worth of Playing (this information depends totally on the lenght and file size, it might give you less…) With those mins, you can check if the file is what you really want, if not, cancel it and try another one…


cheers :slight_smile: