Identifying CD writer from a CD-R/W

Is it possible for someone with the right tools/knowledge to extract information like the serial number/maker of a CD-R/W? (I mean the CD-R/W buyer who burnt info onto it, and not the manufacturer)

Basically, is every burnt CD-R/W unique to the writer drive, or would 2 CD-Rs burnt from 2 different drives (manufacturer and model differ) be distinguishable?

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I was also exactly thinking the same thing.

But, i don’t think it is possible.

Lets see what the experts at this forum have to say about this.

With any burning software all your details, name, address, etc are all burnt on the disc as well.

Yeah, but only if you enter it Voluntarily.

e.g. In Nero, you have to enter your details like Data Preparer, Publisher in the Label tab.

If you don’t enter it, blank fields will be burnt.

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