Identifying burner inside Pioneer EXTERNAL DVDR-X152

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-X152. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi Guys,

I have just bought the Pioneer external drive (X-152) and I’m trying to identify the actual drive inside.

I have noticed that the availability of empty enclosures for drives seems to be waning and this seemed like the quickest solution. I have an HP laptop and I bought it to save wear on it’s internal slimline drive.

I have found it quite hard to track down info on this one.

Any ideas?

Well after much searching I have the answer.

No response here! I am posting so that any future searchers will know…

The Pioneer shows up as DVR-113NP, which is disappointing as there was some suggestion it may be the Pioneer 115. It is a re-badged ASUS lightscribe.

I’m taking it back. Actually, I am well pissed.
How the hell can they pass off an Asus as a F@$&ing Pioneer?

Simple, asus got the license to make that drive for pioneer, or rebadge it for pioneer and that’s how it got there

What is a rhetorical question?