Identifying a drive type: cdr-6s52 (6sR2)

I HAVE searched, really! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the drive id given by XP on an ACER Aspire.
The machine was bought by a friend as including a CD RW and DVD RW.

It reads and writes CD’s ok.

There is even a DVD Burn program came on the box.

It will not even recognise a DVD disk.

To my simple mind it probably is not even a DVD reader!

The box has been sealed with a no tamper warning so I can’t even open it to check further physically.


It could be a Acer drive.

Does it look like this picture on this

Because if it does that is more than likely a Liteon…

A google search revealed this:

and a search of the forum turned up this

LiteOn drives are rebadged and resold under different company names…

Hi, thanks 4 reply.

No the case is not indentified with any speed ratings - I would have expected a DVD capable one to say so.

Yes, I found all those same results. None of which helped solve my query:

Is it a DVD capable Writer or even Reader?

I don’t think it is as it works perfectly as a cdrw, but it was invoiced as having a DVDRW and has support material about it… ??

I’m pretty sure the 6S52 is a re-badged LTR-52246S. I haven’t actually seen one, so I’m not 100% sure, though.

But is it a DVD Reader and/or Writer?


No, that’s a CD-RW drive with no DVD capabilities.

Hi people,


If this IS the unit it is only cdrw no DVD.

But can anyone tell me 4 sure about the CDR6S52 (6SR2)?

based on the info u’ve provided, ur questions have already been answered. only u can positively identify the physical appearance of the drive to see whether or not it’s a rebadged LTR-52246S.

Your firmware (6SR2) also sounds like the firmware of an LTR-52246S.