Identify exe and dll that are SD2 encoded



Is there a program that scans a CD and lists the SD2 “infected” exe and or dll? Every SD2 detection program I’ve ever seen just tells you weither it is “infected” or not. I would like to know which files are “infected” if possible. This would make stripping the protection so much easier since this is the only way I can copy the cds. I own a HP 9110i. :frowning:


The infected files are usually both the EXE and DLL I believe, but why is this important? If you want to use a crack which you can download at there’s always a little explanation which files should be replaced… whether this is the EXE of the DLL or both.



Maybe he want to make his own Perfect Copy :slight_smile:


I wanna unwrap the exe and dll myself. Having done that, as was stated, I can then make my own perfect copy. Sometimes I can actually get a game before gamecopyworld has a fix for it. Hard to believe but true. :slight_smile: As I’ve said, my problem is actually finding the “infected” exe or dll. I would like to think that someone has a program that will detect the wrapped files and list them. Might have to crank out the ol’ Hex editor and have a look myself. Maybe there is something in the file header. Dunno. I’m not a programmer. :slight_smile:


Have you looked at R!SC’s SafeDisc Unwrapper? Maybe you can use this program in some way to determine the infected files… I dunno for sure since I know nothing on HEX Editors and checking files :slight_smile:


Use IDAPRO to disassemble it.


Here you can find the files that indicate a protection, although I doubt it that SafeDisc 2 still uses the same files as SafeDisc ‘1’