Identify Dvd writer location



My present dvd writer does not recognise dvdr but still burn cdr well. Going to get a new writer on top of it. Done some read up but am a noob on installing hardware and wish to know more about my current writer location, below are my 2 screenshot on the Primary & secondary IDE under Device manager.

When I open up my CPU case, there are no wording on back panel of the writer while the jumper is set on the furthest from the IDE connector, not master or slave but cable selection??

May I know is my current writer on primary ide (cable selection) in this case and if i’m going to add another writer, what is the best setting (master on secondary IDE)? Btw I got 2 hard drives C: & D: if it got anything to do with this as well.


Look in the BIOS to find out how they are set up.


How to look in the BIOS?


You can identify your drive in windoze with help from Nero InfoTool , a freeware tool. :slight_smile:
Look under “Configuration” tab

There you’ll also be able to get all details about your drive like; model, firmware aso.

When you install a new drive make sure you get all drive jumpers (Slave, Master) right. Consult manufacturers manuals and guides.


I have Nero Info Tool and get the following info under “Configuration” tab, does it help?

Driver information
File : cdrom .inf
Description : CD -ROM Drive
Version : 5. 1.2535 .0
Provider : Microsoft
Version : 7- 1-2001


I almost sure that my current LG oem dvd writer drive jumper is set at Cable Select as CS is always at the extreme left, away from the IDE connector. My new writer (LG GSA-H42N) package don’t come with IDE cable so I’d be using the present three connectors IDE cable whereby the Slave connector is unused. As a result should I set my new writer jumper at Cable Select same as my present drive inorder to get it work? Or should I get another IDE cable and make my new writer as Master on secondary IDE? Please advise.


In order to use Cable Select jumpering, several conditions must be met. Both drives on a channel must support CSEL, both drives must be jumpered as CSEL, a CSEL cable must be used, and the host interface connector must support CSEL. For the host interface to support Cable Select, wire 28 must be grounded.

The standard 40-wire ATA ribbon cable and the 80-wire cable give different drive behavior when using Cable Select. If using the standard 40-wire cable, the Master goes in the middle connector and the Slave goes in the end connector. If using the 80-wire cable, attach the blue end connector to the system board or host controller, the gray middle connector to the Slave, and the black end connector to the Master.

Right now you are using a 40-wire ribbon cable, recommend going to a 80-wire cable. If CSEL does not apply to you, use standard jumper settings.

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How do I know I’m using a 40-wire or 80-wire? My current IDE cable do have the blue end connector to the system board while the other end to my current writer with the middle connector unused so is it a 80-wire? Therefore I just need to set my new writer jumper to CS, connect with the middle connector?


In your primary IDE properties, your HD’s should give you at least transfer mode of Ultra Mode Dma 5. and should be on one IDE cable.

On your secondary IDE properties, your DvD writer should give you if you were hooked up to a 80-wire cable Ultra Mode Dma 4, you currently have 2 this tells me 40-wire. Your cd-rom should give you PIO mode.

Try going back to the standard setup.

On one IDE cable set one HD as master, and the second HD as slave.
On second IDE cable set one drive as master and the second as slave.

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If you choose to go CSEL route. The cable itself is just like a normal IDE cable except for one difference – Pin 28 only connects to the master drive connector. When your computer is powered up, the IDE interface sends a signal along the wire for Pin 28. Only the drive attached to the master connector receives the signal. That drive then configures itself as the master drive. Since the other drive received no signal, it defaults to slave mode.

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Thanks for all replies. I set my new dvd writer jumper as CS, connect with the middle unuse connector on the IDE ribbon cable and now the Primary IDE properties Device 1 show Ultra Mode Dma 4. Try burning and read without problem so guess the setting is acceptable then.


Correct :slight_smile:

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