Identify burners by 'Disc Control Blocks Information'

While trying to scan some older discs (DVD+R) and find out which burner was used ImgBurn gave me the following information:

Disc Control Blocks Information:


Any idea which burners could have created that info while burning?

And is there a database available which burner is writing which ‘Disc Control Blocks Information’?

The first one could be an old Ricoh but it died - so I cannot verify it. It could be also a laptop-burner. Not sure anymore.
The second one could be a Plextor - but in generally the Plextor wrote their own info - so I am confused.
Both burner do not exist anymore - so I cannot create a test burn.

I don’t think a database for that exists. You will just have to assume the first is a Ricoh MP5240 (or the OEM version, the RW5240, or a rebadged version from AOpen, etc), with a slightly truncated model name.

The second verifies it was either a Sanyo or a rebadge of a Sanyo, with the model name as reported. There’s not necessarily a list of who badged the drive as their own, but given the hardware and firmware was typically the same at that point, it’s somewhat irrelevant.