Identify AC/DC cassette tape



I have an old AC/DC cassette tape.
Yes I still have & play cassette tapes.

The label came off this one a long time ago.
It is a commercial cassette tape.
On the clear part of the tape itself (at the start)“High Energy” is written several times .
AC/DC never put out an album with that title.

There is no mistake it is AC/DC singing the songs.
I wonder if this was some kind of “pirated” tape or a mix someone paid AC/DC for using the songs in an “Unofficial” release.

This is the list of songs on the tape .
I may have side A & B in the wrong order . As I have no way to tell which is which.
Side A
1 - Love At First Feel 1976
2 - Love Song 1975
3 - Show Business 1975
4 - Gimme A Bullet 1978
5 - What’s Next To The Moon 1978
6 - Walk All Over You 1979
7 - Night Prowler 1979

Side B

1 - Squealer 1976
2 - Rock In Peace R.I.P. 1976
3 - Ride On 1976
4 - Jailbreak 1976
5 - School Days 1975
6 - You Ain’t Got a Hold On Me 1975
7 - Rocker 1975

Maybe some member has this on a CD .
I guess I should record it to my computer from the cassette.
Then break down the songs into tracks.
Then again I think all the songs are available on different CDs.
Which I’m sure would be better quality.

Edit: I added the years the songs first were published.


Did a little research at Amazon and came up blank. There’s a CD set called “The Collection” that matches those tracks, so I wonder if there was a cassette set that is similar.


Thanks CDan , I looked at Amazon & "The Collection: I found was all .MP3 downloads of most of AC/DC’s songs…
I think I just bought this cassette many years ago . Car use took its toll on this cassette & the label fell off at some point. I’m fortunate it didn’t warp the cassette itself.
I like a lot of us had a lot of cassettes before CDs became common.
Being younger most of us didn’t take that good of care of them.
This one still plays well .
As I posted on the clear portion of the actual tape inside the cassette case .
“High Energy” is printed several times. I don’t have the original cassette holder with label & I have no idea what happened to it. It may have had “High Energy” on it I just don’t remember.
I know that some companies used to make “unofficial” tape mixes of a band.
I assume they paid for the songs they used that way . These were sold in retail stores just cheaper. I suspect that this is what this one is.
I tried Googling this with the song order but no luck.


Maybe its a user-made mix tape? Does it have the record tab intact? If so it wasn’t store-bought. “High Energy” almost sounds like a brand or designation for a blank tape.


You probably have a bootleg tape. I have everything they ever released but I don’t recognize the specific combination of songs being together on one tape that you have listed, Although I could be wrong.

AC/DC messed around a lot with track combinations depending on the Country of origin in which the album was being released to and they were a heavily bootlegged band.

Is there any other identifying features on the tape?



I’ve seen (well used to see) a lot of this sort of tape in Truck Stops and Travel stores. In fact I used to have a few. Sort of bootleg ‘best ofs’…


@ CDan , I sure it’s a commercially recorded tape & no record tabs in place.
It had a paper label at one time . Also the cassette is white plastic .
I’ve seen clear & black blanks even clear blue but not white.

I agree with platinumsword & olyteddy a bootleg or the cheap best of type tape .

The tape itself must be good quality since it’s about 35 years old & still plays well.
Sounds good to my ears. Not as good as a CD but fine for a cassette. Good enough I’ve considered recording it to my computer & creating a CD .



On the clear part of the tape itself (at the start)“High Energy” is written several times . [/QUOTE]

Like this?

It was quite common to print “high energy” on cassette tapes. See here for more information.

Scotch Audio Cassette history.

3M Company (NYSE: MMM), formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based in Maplewood, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul.

The Scotch brand and Scotch Tape are registered trademarks of 3M. The company also used the name “Scotch” for its audiovisual magnetic tape products. In 1996 3M exited the magnetic tape business, selling its assets to Quantegy (which is a spin-off of Ampex). The familiar plaid design, a take on the Wallace tartan, was introduced in 1945 and is used on all early Scotch models.

Scotch invented Cobalt doping techinque in 1971 producing “High Energy” tape which later was adopted by many companies. They have also contributed to SONY Ferrichrome tape invention. In 1979 they have introduced the first Metal particle tape.

Sadly, at the end Scotch stopped producing its own tape outsourcing it from other companies like BASF and DENON.


@ Mr. Belvedere , Thanks for the extra effort with the picture of a “High Energy” cassette .
I don’t have a label as one of the pictures I’m posting will show.
I still think this tape was commercially recorded but as above the cheap aftermarket version.

This is where “High Energy” is written on this cassette.
I hope you can read it. I can on my monitor.

This is just the cassette showing the remains of the label & that it is white .