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I brought some Fuji DVD-R 8x at best buy (25pak/$8.99)and my MadDog 16x DVD writer(nec-3500a) wouldn’t even read them. I flashed the bios with the newest 2FA w/no riplock and now it will read them but according to the firmware dump it will only write them at 2x. The Media code is Prodis cF0 and the label says made in Taiwan. I was back there just before the sale ended and found that they had the FUJI DVD+R for the same price but they were on the bottom shelf of a front isle completely away from the rest of the DVDs.The plus R,s read as YUDEN000T02 and firmware dump shows that they will write up to 16x and they do even though its rated as an 8x disk. These show as made in Japan. My question is this…When buying discs brand name or generic how can I tell who manufactures the disc. Is there any code on the package that identifies who made it. I thought I was safe buying FUJI DVD-R,s but their junk. Fooled me. Glad I only bought 1 25pak of the -r’s. A lession well learned for under $10.00

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nikon´s Media list over at has given me a lot of useful information when choosing good media. :wink: is an other good resource.

The easiest way to sort brand name media at a retail store is to buy the Made In Japan spindles. You can then figure out who supplies the Japan media to a given manufacturer on these forums.

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Well the first batches of FUJI 8x DVD-R that turned up in Europe were made by TY. If you don’t buy online you can allways check if it states made in Japan on the box.
However if you do buy online it might be nice if your online store can guarantee befor that you will get what your looking for and if that’s not the case that they will swap it with no problems.
Fuji 8x DVD-R with fuji/prodisc code are still good media.