Identified Problem - Buit Not Solution!

My apologies if it’s not appropriate to put this in a new thread but I think I’ve better identified my problem after reinstalling my OS and software –

  1. New 3500AG flashed to 2.18. Secondary master (with Samsung DVD drive as secondary slave). Dell just replaced motherboard and cable, so I don’t think that’s the issue. Not using Cable select.

  2. Unless I install XP Pro SP2, drive won’t show in Device Manager as UDMA2, just PIO mode.

  3. However, if I install XP Pro SP2, Nero ( doesn’t work properly - it starts and seems to freeze when it tries to recognize the drive. I removed all other DVD/CD programs and the problem persisted, so it seems to be SP2-related.

  4. Of lesser imiportance – I’ve also gotten messages in iTunes that another burning program (presumably Nero) removed drivers that allows iTunes to import CDs and burn CDs (I’ve been using it to import not burn, though if I could get Nero working I could use that to rip the CDs instead).

Could it be the NEC drive that’s a problem? I’m toying with the idea of getting another DVD writer and seeing if I can replicate the problem, though after reading up on the NEC I was hoping it would work. Thanks!

Try installing the last version of nero
Download for here

Thanks, I do have the latest version of Nero. But I just realized - could this be the problem - would it affect Nero recognizing the drive?

I have the NEC set as master, but it’s not at the end of the cable. And I think the cable is the 80 conductor kind. However, both it and my DVD drive are able to read CDs/DVDs - I"ve just not been able to do burning on account of the Nero problem.