Identical Liteon Drives But Only One Shows Bad Results In Benq

Hi, I bought two SHM-165P6S drives around the same time maybe a week apart. Both of them burn fine and scan fine on the liteon drives, however, when scanned in a benq one of the liteon drive’s burns produce bad quality scans. Looks like the benq is only biased against one drive not the other. Should i rma the drive that’s giving bad results on the benq. Here are some scans, the first 3 are of the drive that produces good results and the last three are of the drive that produces bad results on the benq.


Have you scanned the one bad BenQ scan on the other Lite-on drive?

Yes, it scans fine on the other liteon, also the bad one also gives perfect trt result on the benq which is wierd. This happens with various mids not just ricohjpnr03. Someone offered an explanation that the one that scans bad in the benq is maybe because the jitter goes up so high and benq reports higher pifs when it sees high jitter.

Here, i did a scan of the bad benq one on the other liteon drive.

The answer is related to jitter. One of the Lite-On’s seems to have a little higher jitter causing the BENQ to report higher error rates. In reality no consumer drive gives accurate scans so can you really trust them? I would suggest using DVDScan to get a better idea of Jitter, Beta, and Pit/Land on the two Lite-On drives.

You can also get a second and third opinion about the jitter on those discs by scanning the discs in both of the LiteOn drives.

Press the Advanced button in CDSpeed to enable Jitter scanning and scan at 4x.

Although the BenQ drives will frequently show high jitter for discs it doesn’t “like” when scanning, this isn’t always true, so I think there are also other factors involved.

Ok, I did some jitter scans in liteon using dvdscan tool. And here are the results, the first one if the disc that scanned bad in the benq and the second one is the disc that scanned good.

My tests have shown that jitter is not the main course of this. I personally think the Pit/Land may have a lot to do with it. :wink:

When you say Pit/Land do you mean the Beta value or something else?

The contrast and depth of the pit as a factor of OPC and focus.

C0deKing, how important is the pit land to the overall quality (readability) of the disc? Should one go by the benq scan or the liteon scan (for the bad one)? Also, I have noticed alot of other people’s scans of liteon burns from the same drive on a benq and looks like the bad scan on the benq is pretty common when the dvd is burned with 6S series. So, I was pretty surprised when i bought my second 165P6S drive which showed pretty good results in the benq, maybe liteon tweaked something with their hardware? If i’m not mistaking the one that generates the bad scans is made in april 2006 and the one that generates the good scans in the benq is made in june 2006.