Ideas wanted


i have this problem… i have many cd-rws in my car, with lots of different music. They lie around without cases… and i need a way to identify whats on what disc. Obviously, i don’t want permanent marking, as they are rws… but what else can i do? :confused:

any ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

Do you not have money for cases? Put a label on the case or reburn them to cd-r and mark them :rolleyes:

Mark each one as disc 1, disc2 etc and then write a list of disc contents!

You can buy a non-permanent cd-marker.

I use an edding 8500 RW cd-marker non-permanent.

Cases take up too much spaces. Besides, i put discs in this special holder which mounts above front glass… no cases there.

As for contents i though about that, but that means i have to have 30 sheets of paper lying around…

They lie around without cases.

If you treat RW discs this way, they’re not going to last long enough to matter whether you write on them or not. RW disc in the car…REALLY? :eek:

why not? im not that good with english, but their put into nylon cd holders…

and what’s wrong with rws in car?

DrageMaster - nice! i’ll have to look for those. How do you erase them?

RW media is not that stable compared to standard CDR’s. and they are more expensive, it is better to make a permanent copy of the music you like and remove it from your car when you get bored with it. :slight_smile:

A piece of cloth, napkin, or paper tissue with a little bit of water to make it damp/wet, and you can wipe the ink right off the disc.

Anything waterbased will clean them…ketchup is good :eek:

Depending upon the surface, a dry erase marker and isopropyl alcohol often do the trick.

All my old -RW are still readable. I can’t say that about all my -R.

Memorex ultra speed are an exception but at least they go bad overnight so no surprises there.

I agree. I see no reason not to use RWs, esp since i rewrite them often, and that would be a LOT of trash cds… besides, i burn mp3 discs, compilations, not full discos, so…

Hey DregeMaster, I would have never thought of using a non-permanent marker… Its funny how simple some answers can be but we (well at least I) tend to go for the more complex answer first…
Thanks for the suggestion mate…

Simple is good! :iagree:
You’re welcome.