Ideas for good label program

Could someone help me, i am looking for a reaaly good program for making cd jewel case labels, for years [since 98] i have been through so many wasted programs, some based on word, some just plain garbage. The ones that upset me the most are the ones that let you make the font too big for the label, i just can’t figure it out. Back in 98 my first set up was a ricoh with software from cequadrat, there was a program called just audio, it ruled, simple as that, since then i have tried dozens of free and bought programs only to throw them out because they are so bad, why cant someone make a killer program that works, cover art, font size adjustment in relationship to the size of the label,and ease of operation. Any help will be appreciated.

SureThing is popular.

1979cordoba…try under cover xp…its free!