Ideas for cutting out perfect DVD covers?

Any one have any ideas for cutting out DVD covers perfectly. Im kind of having trouble cutting them out with scissors.

what kind of trouble are you having? keeping the edges straight? if so, just use an x-acto knife and a ruler.

It’s better to use hands than scissors for cutting paper.

This is what I have.

You have many many similar options.

edit: I am so embarrassed, I totally overlooked the 2nd post…sorry

I bought a canon S950 for the borderless printing option, and a paper cutter. you only have to make 2 cuts, perfect covers everytime. Makes it easier and faster when you print right to the edge of the paper, and less waste to boot!

I do the same. Ruler, X-acto on a meat wood cutting board. Works fine.
Make sure you do not cut your fingers :wink:

when ever I use an exacto knife the knife cuts the ruler, making the ruler unstraight, it has done it with 2 of my rulers.

I use something very similar to that. Got it a long time ago but I bet you can get one pretty cheap at wal-mart or maybe an office supply store.

I have 1 similar to this. Staples or most office supply stores have them >