Ideally we should cut out the credits at the end

Who really reads the credits at the end of the movie? Is’nt this just wasted space that could be cut out to get better compression?

anydvd has no bearing on the parts of the movie that are and are not included in the backup. is ther a question pertaining to anydvd or are you asking about a transcoding program? if so what transcoding program?

forgive the confusion, but you’ve posted this in the anydvd software program forum so we’ll need a little mroe detail if you’re asking a question.

dvd shrink will allow you to cut pieces of of a film frame by frame.

clonedvd2 on the other hand only allows cuts at chapter points.

I don’t know if this is the right forum for this post but it’s something I’ve always thought about.

yes if you remove the credits there will be less compression on the rest of the movie…

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@taylor30…There’s a nice program called DVDremake (pro & free) version. This allows you to tailor any DVD to your taste. Use Google to find it.

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This is something that anydvd will never do if you own clonedvd2 I hear you can edit title sets? Someone want to confirm this? As I said this will never be a job for anydvd by itself as it is just a ripper.

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4,896 posts !!! get a life.

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I have never used this program. But i see it is retail. So can i ask does it do what DVDshrink does and allow you to cut via frame by frame. As it is a major drawback of CloneDVD that it does not offer this.

How does it transcode too. As DVDshrink with its deep analysis knocks socks off all other transcoders on the market. Is DVDremakePro the exception to this?.


Have to be careful about cutting. Some movies have good stuff during and after the credits, like Jackie Chan movies, and one of the lethal weapon movies.

from what i understand dvdremake pro is not a transcoder. it’s like a shell for an encoder and you can choose which encoder to work with it.

i do not use this program so i’m not sure if it has an option to just transcode if you want to…i do know that due to its popularity and reasonable price it’s one of the more popular encoders on the market.

Oh, reasons…I tell ya. :slight_smile: You’re thinking of DVD Rebuilder which is kuel and all, but, not related in any way to DVDRemake Pro. DVDRemake Pro’s closest “cousin” if you will is Vob Blanker where you can edit the structure of a DVD. I think what they’re suggesting by recommending this is that you can use DVDRemake Pro to cut the credits and output it to a folder so you can THEN transcode it with whatever.

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I Love end credits… A nice Musical themes they have on some…
How could anyone forget Titanic ending credits… Simply Beautiful :kiss: